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Albatross Vodka


Cape Brewing Co



Region:           Paarl – Spice Route Farm

Alcohol:          43%

Bottle size:   750ml

Tasting notes:

When one thinks of the history of vodka and its association with the cold northern nations where it was first distilled one asks what exists in the Southern Hemisphere that evokes the same emotion and imagination? The forbidding and icy roaring forties in the Southern Oceans is such a place.

Wild, wind-swept and treacherous – a legendarily severe environment. An environment that the Albatross not only calls its home – but which it masters with effortless grace. The majestic bird’s independent spirit is instilled in every drop of Albatross Vodka.

So, the South has its place and a cool hero. Add to that our core ingredient – grapes. We are renowned for our brilliant wines – based on top quality grapes. Albatross is distilled from a selection of the finest Cape Grapes and the purified water of the Table Mountain aquifer – producing a pure, classy vodka with brilliant character and depth. Subtle fruit aromas with complex, round flavours and silky-smooth finish.


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